MDrol?HDrol Stack and training

  1. MDrol?HDrol Stack and training


    I've got my stack protocol set. It will follow:

    My ON cycle will be this:
    Cycle Support (2 servings)
    MDrol; wk1 10,wk 2-end of 3; 20mg
    Hdrol; wk5-7 50, 50, 50, wk8 75.

    OFF Cycle Support caps

    1st week: Nolva 40mg
    2nd: Nolva 40mg
    3rd: Nolva 20mg
    4th: Nolva 20mg, 6-oxo 6 caps day
    5th: 6-oxo, 4 caps day
    6th: 6-oxo, 4 caps day
    7th: 6-oxo, 3 caps day

    Here's my question:

    I'm trying to figure out what the best possible training routine would be for this. I want to gain and lose at the same time. I'm not completely lost on me when i say I know this is almost impossible to accomplish without a little fat. I'm okay with that.

    I was thinking HST, or UD2 or a 5x5 routine, with mostly an emphasis on compound moves.
    My diet will be carb rotation or UD2 if I go that route. I'm not quite sure though.
    I'm 42, 6'1"' 206 lb at 9% BF.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful as to which to follow. If you have some ideas, let me hear them.


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