training w/ a cold/allergies?

  1. training w/ a cold/allergies?

    hey all

    i'm having killer allergy symptoms right now, but i really wanna hit the gym in an hour or so....

    what can i do to alleviate the symptoms, other than zyrtec, which i dont have handy...


  2. I had allergies really bad since I was a kid. For years I would get a sneeze epedemic that once started would trigger over 100 sneezes in a day. Mowing grass, air conditioning, dust, pollen, etc. would trigger a reaction automatically. If I drank beer the reaction would be worse due to the grass in the beer (wheat). Afterward, I would feel horrible and if I took something, it would usually make me feel worse. Claretin would not help, Cleretin D would but the speed in it would have me flying all night long- forget about the sleep.

    I am 37 now and my allergy problems nearly vanished a year and a half ago for an unknown reason. All I can say is, that is when I did a three months chemical colonics program and also when I started to take supplements daily and start to workout routinely (rather than just on weekends). I take loads of B12 daily and the other B's routinely. I think that plays a big part in this. I also do fish oil, 1g C, joint powders, and some herbs (St. John's wort, milk thistle) daily as well. Something there is curing the allergy thing. I know it is. There is also the cardio that I do that causes massive sweating. I believe toxins are leaving my body rapidly.

    Hope it helps

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