Calling all weight lifting marathon runners!

  1. Calling all weight lifting marathon runners!

    I am finishing off a cold that I think I got from my hardcore workout dirations. Last week I worked out very hard for two days and got sick two days later. I may need to reorganize my workout durations from now on to prevent health problems.

    So it's been a week since getting sick and I am considering starting training tomorrow for the L.A Marathon at the end of May. That means I have 8 weeks to train. I workout with weights 3 to 5 days per week for 1 to 2 hours. Additionally, I do 20 minutes hard on the bike, 20 minutes hard on the cross trainer or stairs, and run a hard mile every time I lift. So by no means do I train for long distance running.

    So I am considering changing my workouts to include a mild cardio with a very hard 1 hour of weights/ hard stretching 3 days per week and running 5 miles+ 3 days per week.

    Does anybody think I can do this marathon in a 10 minute clip?

  2. Have you ever ran any half's or 10k's? 8 wks is really not enough time to properly train for and complete a marathon. Not if you intend on running a 10 minute mile (assuming that's waht you mean by 10 min clip). 26.2 miles ain't no joke. Truthfully, some pretty unfit people complete marathons, but they usually walk and maybe jog a little.
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  3. Yeah 26 miles is serious son my aunt trains year round to run marathons 8 weeks seems kinda short

  4. I'm running the Marine Corps Marathon here in DC on Oct. 25 (which also happens to be my B-day). Registration opens Apr 1st.

    The Rock n Roll marathon in San Diego has got to be the best marathon in California, if not the best in the states.
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