Mission to improve upper and lower chest thickness

  1. Mission to improve upper and lower chest thickness

    Hey whats up all on a mission to improve my my upper and lower chest dramatically. My middle pecs are fine and upper chest is ok but my lower chest needs more beef. Here's a sample of my most recent chest routines :

    Incline Smith Presses:
    105x 15
    135x 10
    155x 8
    205x 6-8

    Decline Dumbell Presses

    50's for 15
    60's for 12
    80's for 6-9. (2-3 work sets)

    Guillotine Flat Benches ( lowering bar to most upper region of chest instead of the middle)

    135x 8
    155x 6-8 (2-3 sets)

    Flat Dumbell Flyes

    3-4 sets of 8-12, 45-50 lb's.

    Then head over to cable crossovers and hold in bottom position mimicking a most muscular to really get the blood flowing up there. usually set each side at 40-60 lb setting and hold for 45-60 secs.

    I can usually knock this out in approx. 50 min. to a little over an hour on most days. I cant do weighted dips anymore because of a nasty shoulder separation i got this past halloween (favorite exercise though!) and my gym doesn't have a free weight decline bench, pretty unbelievable huh?
    Any suggestions on poundages, rest periods, excercise, etc. would be apprieciated. Thanks

  2. Weighted dips
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Can't do em at this moment bro, just bodyweight dips themselves kill my AC joint. I used to do em' with a 50 strapped on but unless it heals significantly thats outta the question... Sucks cause dips are my all-time fav

  4. Work on strengthening your traps and posterior delts to help stabilize the area. Most of the time, the traps aren't strong enough to stabilize the area.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Yea i don't do much trap training, i usually do closegrip uprights but don't do a whole lotta shrugs. Im havin a little trouble gettin those rear delts up to par as well. My front and side heads are where they need to be in proportion to the rest of my body, but they don't respond that well. I use good form and proper weight when trainin rear delts... Just started hittin em twice a week, hopefully that works. thanks for the advice

  6. Facepulls are a good way to train both the posterior delts and the mid-traps.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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