Average guy training questions?

  1. Average guy training questions?

    Alright first off im 6"2 about 204 pounds now im 16 years old in high school, im not trying to be a body builder or anything just to get in good shape, im a pithcer in baseball and i need to be leaner if i want to play college ball, im not gonna do a hardcore bulk then cut i just dont have the time, in reality i want to lose weight while gaining strength, im not in this to be huge just nice and cut and lean with strong abs legs and lower back, im trying to figure out the best training schedule to do this?

    Im planning on running a lot this summer i need to get into better running shape but i also will be lifting to try to increase strength, whats the best thing to do run in morning lift at night? I feel at my age i dont want to have that PERFECT diet its very hard for someone my age im trying to have a good time in high school but get healthier, stronger, faster.

    Basically whats a schedule i can do to help shed some fat but gain muscle, i really want to have a better looking body as everyone does but any advice is appreciated.

    Training schedules, tips, to help lose weight and gain strength.

  2. defrancostraining.com

  3. thank you for that repped

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jumpshot903 View Post
    thank you for that repped
    haha thanks.

    i had more to go with it but it's diet based and you don't really need a lecture

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