Wondering if I am doing too much

  1. Smile Wondering if I am doing too much

    I will start with my stats first, I am overweight but have been losing since Jan. I started at 257 and 27% BF, and as of yesterday I am down to 234, (don't know the BF now). I am doing the Starting Strength program by Mark Rippletoe and really like it. I started it on 3-3-09

    My main goal right now is get my BF% down and gain some muscle or at least maintain. I eat between 2000-2400 calories aday and they come from whole grains, veggies, fruit, lean proteins, and try to get between 160-190 grams of protein and about 40-60 grams of fat with as little saturated fat as possible. I have been very good with my diet no cheat days for over a month and I may eat 3000 calories 1 day a week but is all the mentioned foods.

    I follow Starting strength to the t.
    Lifts are as follows with poundages
    Squat 3 sets 5reps at 180 currently
    Bench 3 sets 5 reps at 180 currently
    Deadlifts 1 set 5 reps at 225 currently

    Workout B
    Squats same as above
    Military press - 110 3 sets 5 reps currently
    Power Cleans - 145 3 sets 5 reps currently

    1 set of weighted abs at the end of each workout for 15 reps at 30 lbs.

    you alternate each workout week to week for those of you that don't know.

    at the end of each workout I do 30 mins on the rowing machine that says I burn around 400 calories then I do 25 mins on a stationary bike that says I burn around 400 calories.

    On the inbetween days when I don't go to the gym I will walk for 45 mins on my treadmill at home on an incline of 5.0 at a speed of 3.3 starting and increase it by .1 every five minutes until my 5 min cooldown at 40 mins.

    That is basically my workout, I have been losing anywhere starting out 3 lbs a week, then a couple of weeks ago when I first started the starting strength program I only lost .6 lbs, and .4 lbs the first 3 weeks, then yesterday I had lost 5.2 lbs.

    Just wondering what all of you guys thought of my overall diet, lifting, cardio plan right now and if I was pushing myself too hard. I want to be strong and look good and not be fat and get rid of my man-boobs, (if that is even possible, I hate my man titties!).

    Any input bad or good is very, very appreciated, sorry for the long post hope it was clear and not too boring and you could make it through it all

  2. Too much cardio in my opinion. Do the rowing machine twice as hard as you normally do but only go for 15-20 minutes instead of 30. That should be enough cardio. You can switch it up and alternate bike work if you want. With the incline walk, doing them on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is best in my experience. Again, you don't have to exceed 30 minutes unless you're a bodybuilder getting ready to compete.

  3. ^^ I agree

    I find that 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 days a week is more than sufficient for me. Too much cardio can negate what you are trying to accomplish with your lifting, i.e. building lean muscle.

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