tell me if this workout schedule sounds good?

  1. tell me if this workout schedule sounds good?

    Hey guys, ive been lifting for a while now, i did the typical workout schedule
    mon-chest and tris
    wed-back and bis
    thurs-cardio day
    friday- shoulders and traps
    sat and sun off..

    i want to change up my whole routine, can someone give me suggestions on what i can do next?

  2. iv gotta say ur routine is right i wouldnt change jus try diffrent techinces of training

  3. You could try my routine...

    Chest and biceps monday

    Back and shoulders wed

    Legs and triceps friday

    Its a sweet split, ive had better gains off this than any other split ive used.
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  4. Well if you want to keep a 4 day split you could try...


    Shoulder/Bi days actually are pretty good IMO. could try this if you're looking to be in the gym more

    Strength Upper
    Strength Lower
    Pull Hypertrophy
    Push Hypertrophy
    Legs Hypertrophy

  5. has some good routines.

    here ya go



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