Has anyone heard of the Mark Rippletoe Starting Strength?

  1. Has anyone heard of the Mark Rippletoe Starting Strength?

    First off I am new to this site recommended by a good friend. I was recommended to the Starting Strength program on another health site, and was wondering if anyone has done it and what their results were and how long they were on it.

    Just so everyone knows my stats right now are 5' 10'', male, 239 currently, (At late January was at 257 and started this program and cardio).

    The program calls for 3 days a week strength training on nonconsectutive days. There are 2 workouts workout A and work out B which you alternate. So week 1 would be workout A tues., workout B Thurs., workout A again on Sat. Then week 2 would be Workout B Tues., Workout A Thurs., and workout B again Sat. So on and so forth. Workout A consist of squat, bench deadlift with 3 sets 5 reps of squats and bench, and 1 set of 5 of deadlift. Workout B consists of squat, standing military press, power clean all for 3 sets 5 reps. Rippletoe suggest doing one set of weighted crunches for 15 reps after each workout. The forum moderator on the other site suggested to do heavy cardio after each workout, and light cardio on my light days if I wanted just not too much so my muscle can rest. I am looking to maintain muscle while losing fat til I get down to a good BF% and then bulk.

    Now don't laugh when I tell you what I am lifting right now, this is actually really good for me.
    squat 175
    bench 180
    deadlift 215
    military press 115
    Power cleans 140
    All of these are with Barbell. I used to train 3 years ago using body split programs and have found I am lifting more weight now. Has anyone else done this program and how long did you do it. Does anyone have any suggestions, comments, or questions if I left anything out?

    Anyway it is great to be a member here and thank you all in advance for any help/support that you would be willing to give. I hope I was clear enough.

    Jason Sullivan

  2. I own the book. It's a good read/program!

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