Gym in Old Saybrook, CT?

  1. Gym in Old Saybrook, CT?

    Going on vacation this spring and will be in the Old Saybrook, CT area for about a week. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for places to get a few workouts in. Did a quick search and didn't come up with anything but Curves...


  2. I dont know of a gym down there but go to Old Lyme to the beach and there is a bar right there on the beach called The Pavillion that is fun and always has live music and good female sites to see!

  3. Used to live in Torrington, CT and know of a gym there...but that would be an hour drive from you.

    Sorry, good luck!

  4. You may have to go down the coast to Waterford. There's a Work out world right off I-95 near the crystal mall exit.
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