Hey there, I broke my scaphoid (bone in the wrist) in December 2007 and had my first surgery on it in August 2008 in which they put a screw in the bone but it didnt heal so I had a second surgery in December and they took a bone graft from my radius and put it on the scaphoid. I was in a soft cast for 2 weeks following the surgery and a hard cast for another 7 weeks after that with a bone growth stimulator.

I got the cast off on the 27 of February and am wearing a brace right now. The wrist is extremely stiff...I know it was major surgery and it is supposed to be stiff, but I simply cannot bend my wrist backward AT ALL and only slightly forward (feels pretty much solid

What I was wondering was has anyone else had the same experience (graft on scaphoid and the extreme stiffness.), and if so, did you get back the movement?