How often to hit each body part

  1. How often to hit each body part

    Does anyone know what is best for a general muscle building routine. I have been training for about a year consistently now and have always done a four day split, working out 5-6 days a week. I started reading Arnold's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and his programs seem to hit each body part much more often. (Chest, back, legs, abs M/W/F and shoulders, arms, abs T/TH/S). To do that I would have to do way fewer exercises in order to recover every other day. Right now I pretty much beat the **** out of each muscle group once every 5 days or so. What are other people's opinions on this? I'm just wondering if I would benefit from changing my frequency up a bit.

  2. Once per week is where I get the best results.

  3. it's going to depend.. smaller muscle groups can generally will recover more quickly.. thus, you can work them more often..

    Once per week though is pretty great for bodybuilding purposes though.

  4. Yeah I've been getting great results that way so far. I was just wondering because I like everything in Arnold's book so far except for his recommended splits.

  5. Never hurts to change it up every 4-6 weeks either.



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