time for a change

  1. Question time for a change

    I have been doing 1. shoulders and legs 2. chest and tris 3. bi and back then one day off and then repeat. I feel like im not gaining as much as id like so i am gonna switch from 12 10 8 6 to 10 8 6 and more weight and one body part a day. Im also startin a ph sus500. Question is does this sound like a good mass and strength work out?? or should I try something else??

  2. Try the DC split but just using 1-2 straight sets per muscle group and be sure to include the extreme stretching.

  3. I would do legs solo they are the biggest muscle groups then id pair bis with chest and back solo and shoulders with tris. Then you have the two biggest muscle groups solo and the four smaller ones paires up. Back, chest bi's, rest, legs, shoulders tris, rest.
    And if you need do two rest days in a row at the end, this way you have one large group paired with two smaller and a rest day after.

    I would try 5x5, DC and incorporate rest pause. Plan two workouts in advance for each muscle gorup and switch back and fourth from week to week until your weights and or development get stals then do new excercises.

  4. 1.Back & bis
    Sets 6-8 Reps 4-8
    Split the rest days up how you will, One on one off or two on one off work well for me. Don't be afraid to take an extra day off if you need it though.

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