one muscle a day??

  1. one muscle a day??

    i've always done one muscle group a day for a while already.
    monday back, abs
    tuesday chest
    wedsnday legs, calves abs
    thursday arms
    friday shoulders, calves
    i train heavy though, i keep my reps about 8-12
    on all my workouts i always do 4 sets.
    for example:
    lets say bench
    1st set-145 about 15 reps to warm up
    2nd set-185 x12
    4th- down to 165 till failure
    is better to just skip the 4th set till failure and do another heavy set? what do you guys think?

  2. Personally i like doing my 4th set to faliure or very close, i feel like a get a better workout that way but really whatever fits you. I find when i do 4th set till failure that i could probally up my weight on the other reps for how many i can do, Sometimes i do 12,10,8, then till failure which sometimes goes up to 15.

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