new routine any thoughts

  1. new routine any thoughts

    been on the site for awhile..first time posting.
    Looking to build muslce i am 5'6 136 lbs

    What do you think of my routine.

    saturday Upper 1
    Flat Bench 4x6-8
    incline press4x8-12
    weighted pullups 3x10-12
    barbell row x10,8,6
    dbell shoulder press 3x8-10
    superset weighted dips/curls 3x10-12

    monday lower1
    romanian deadlift3x8-12
    legcurls and/or glute ham raise 3x12
    calf raises3x12-15

    wednesday upper 2
    tbar rows or barbell rows 3x8
    dumbell bench 3x10-12
    weighted dips or incline flies 3x10-12
    military press3x8-10
    superset preacher curls/skull crushers 3x10

    thursday lower 2
    romanian deadlift
    leg press
    leg curls
    calf raises

  2. i don't know if i'd consider deadlifts a lower body exercise. other than that, looks good.

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