overtraining in this routine?

  1. overtraining in this routine?

    So i have been lifting two years seriously now. I have tried all differnt routines and have kind stumbled on to making my own. I have been reading a lot about overtraining on this fourm and was wondering if yall could take a look at my split. Especially at my bi and and tris (think i might be overdoing it)

    Monday-Chest and bi's
    Bench press-4 sets heavy
    -1 set burnout at 225
    Incline dumbbell-3 sets (10-8-6)
    Flys (10-8-6)
    Decline heavy (6-4-2/1)
    Barbell curl-3 sets (10-8-6)
    Hamercurl-3 sets (10-8-6)
    Peacher(1 hand) 3 sets (10-8-6)
    then i somtimes do a couple more sets of somthing

    squats, leg press, ect.

    wensday off

    Thursday-dynamic bench, shoulders and triceps
    bench-8 sets of 3 at 225 with bands
    12 sets
    -Triceps (10-12 sets)
    just alwasy switching it up and doing differnt excersices from skull crushers to dips to kickbacks (wondering if this is too much!!!!)

    3 sets weighted pull ups
    3 sets close grip pull ups
    3 sets bentover rows
    3 sets deadlifts
    3 sets machine rows

    Im 6'3 about 225 at 22 years old. Benching around 370 and squating about the same. Thanks for looking and tell me what yall think. I think i might be overdoing my bis and tris thanks for the advice

  2. oh yeah and i was thinking about adding shoulders on saturday instead of doing them on thursday. thanks and sorry for the long post

  3. Tris generally get lots of work from other exercises so focusing on them a lot im not to keen on. I usually stick to dips and tricep pushdowns thats about it as i find those only ones that actually work well for me.

    As for bis thats fine i mean unless your really exhausted after your workouts or they go longer then 1-1:30 i think there fine if they do go long try getting some BCAA's some intra workout aid like intra-aid lol. But all in all looks fine if your getting solid gains.

  4. just be sure to get in enough calories/carbs and judging on what type of protein you use get enough so your still growing . judge if your overtraining by how long it takes your body to recover after workouts. if you start to feel sore from one workout to the next and it doesnt get better, your probobly overtraining. I am doing a Sheiko routine right now which is very high volume, but im recovering very well so ill stick with it. Its kinda amazing that im doing so well because Im on a calorie restricted diet, but im losing weight and getting good body recomposition.

  5. Yea thanks both of yall for the advice. Yeah i take creatine as well as extend to help with recovery during the workout. I think im going to cut back on tris. I am sometimes sore from till monday from my tri workout on thursday. Thanks both of yall



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