check my training pls

  1. check my training pls

    Ok so I,ve decided to do a recomp. Just wanted some feedback on my training/diet

    m-f am fasted cardio treadmill 15 deg 3.5 spd 45 min
    m-f pm workout and 30 min cardio same as am
    workouts are mon legs
    tues chest
    wed back
    thurs shoulders
    fri arms

    sat and sun 45 min am cardio

    diet is pretty solid I don,t really keep track of percentages I just make sure on every meal my carbs and fat are less than protein. No carbs after 4:00 pm
    I eat lots of chicken,fish, and eat steak 3x a week. lots of veggies and some fruit.Wheat bread brown rice.

    my supps are
    on whey shakes
    fish oil
    leviathan reloaded 2 before am cardio, 2 early pm
    dcp 3 pre am cardio, 2 midday, 3before pm workout
    creatine mono

    any input or advice would be greatly appreciated

  2. what i would do to give ur body more rest between body parts would be the following:

    this give ur muscles a better recovery time

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