Rate my workout!

  1. Rate my workout!

    My workout duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

    Monday and Thursday
    3x6-8 Barbell curl
    3x10-12 Dumbbell curl
    3x6-8 Rope pushdown
    3x10-12 Barbell lying extension
    4x8 45 Leg press
    3x10-12 Leg extension
    3x10-12 Leg curl
    3x12-15 Seated hip adduction
    3x12-15 Standing calf raise
    3x12-15 Seated calf raise

    Wednesday and Saturday
    3x6-8 Bench press
    3x6-8 Incline bench press
    3x10-12 Cable crossover
    3x6-8 Wide grip pulldown
    3x6-8 Seated row
    3x10-12 Close grip pulldown
    3x6-8 Shoulder press
    3x10-12 Cable lateral raise
    3x10-12 Dumbbell front raise
    3x10-12 Seated rear fly
    3x12-15 Shrug

  2. What are your goals?

  3. Id add some dead lifts and squats and split these up it seems your cramming a lot in on one day from what im reading. Do different body parts each day with proper rest.

  4. from 1-10?


  5. hypertrophy!

    I really dont like to work each body part once a week. So thats why I did this routine. And I can go only 4 days per week...

    suggestions and criticisms are welcome!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by RickWolves View Post

    I really dont like to work each body part once a week. So thats why I did this routine. And I can go only 4 days per week...

    suggestions and criticisms are welcome!
    Bro, sometimes less is more when it comes to putting on the mass. If I could, I'd workout six days a week, hitting every muscle group twice. But realistically, that would be a disastrous situation to be in. Genetics made it hard for me to put on muscle mass, giving me a fast metabolism and a fairly small frame, but through hundreds of hours of reading combined with years of trail and error, I've learned what it takes for me to get around that. One thing it took a long time for me to learn was that less is more when it comes to training, but that less has to be at maximum intensity. If you're dieting to gain mass, training once per week will deliver enough stimulus to induce hypertrophy, I guarantee it. You also don't have to worry about getting enough rest for each muscle. And remember, rest is when you grow, so rest is gold. When it comes to overtraining, it's not so much the muscles you have to worry about as the CNS. The CNS will almost always start to fatigue faster than your actual muscles will (when subjected to high volumes of stimulation), but the CNS affects the muscles, so it's all in the same nest. And then again you may not be at risk for overtraining as you may be that much different from me.

    I can post my 4 day split if you want. I do each muscle group once a week. For most people this is enough and patience is a virtue.

  7. Thanks for the words man.

    Yeah, you can post your routine, but I think is pretty much like this:

    I trained this way for months, or 3-days split. But after a few months, my gains stopped. I tried to use a lot of routines hitting each muscle once a week, but I wasn't making progress. So, I decided to get back to my old workout (each body part twice) and I started to gain weight and mass again.

    Maybe later, I'll try again routines hitting each body part once a week, but now, I'd like to train like that.

    And I know about CNS, thats why a go to the gym only 4 days per week.

    ty again

  8. and Joshua, let me ask you...
    do you use fast or slow reps in your 4-day split?

    Cause I was doing slow reps in the negative phase


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