I am going to have a changein my schedule at work, and as such it will be far less often that I am in town where I can workout at the gym where I have a membership. I can probably get there once a week or so, but it is 40 min each way and a lot of fuel/$$ to drive that all the time just for that purpose.

I am presently living in a house, but one with VERY limited space. For discussion sake we will call my living area a "confined efficiency apartment". I would have issue with even a utility bench if I could not put it away or fold it flat. I have found in my searching the following

CAP Barbell FM-104
Golds Gym XRS (no the full gym, the board withthe bands attached, folds flat)
Bodygear Fitness BG145

My confliction is that I do normally workout mainly with DB but I really want to be able to do bench work and maybe some ligt squat work (light due to no safety rack). Is anyone farmiliar with a good store, brand, model that would have something where it was a regular bench that the actual bench folded up against the wall or something similar? If not, is there a system that is modular enough to store the individual pieces, or am I best going with a regular utility bench for flat/decline/incline DB work. If this is so, can someone recomend soething that might fold up that will not decide to fold up on me at an inopprotune time. I would like to be able to do some heavier DB work without woory.

I am looking at making this move in about one week, so any advice is appreciated. Will rep for good info.:dl: