Is this tennis elbow?

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    Is this tennis elbow?

    Last weekend I did some fairly heavy DB benching, then played broomball on my friend's pond and fell down on my left arm. Nothing at the time but it got really sore the next day. All week it has hurt to extend my arm fully, it's like the top of the elbow down to the back of the wrist that hurts when pressed but mostly just the elbow hurts when fully extended. At first it hurt to lift things (as small as a potato) using the back of my arm but that seems to have faded. I haven't been working out all week, and I don't know what I did or how to make it go away. If it's tennis elbow should I just wait until it stops hurting to do anything? Should I stop taking cissus since that reduces cortisol which is supposed to cushion the joints? Has anyone else solved this problem before?

  2. I'm not sure if it is Tennis Elbow. But, when I had actual Tennis elbow from actually playing tennis I took some shark cartilage and it went away in 2 days.

    Shark Cartilage is used to sooth achey joints, and that exactly what it did.

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