Need some help

  1. Need some help

    I have my brother on the following routine:

    Pull Downs
    DB Military Press
    Leg Curls
    .25 Mile Run

    DB Lateral Raise
    DB Front Raise
    Sit Ups
    Leg Lifts
    .25 Mile Run

    Bent Over Row
    .25 Mile Run

    These are all done as one circuit set. He rests after the run only long enough to allow his heart rate to settle down a bit. Then he goes again, these are done for a total of four times.

    He wants to go and get one more day of lifts, but I'm not sure which other lifts to incorporate. Yall got any ideas?

    I'm thinking about power cleans, but I'm not sure if he will be athletic enough to get it. Maybe hang cleans.

  2. Thanks

  3. First off id split up Bench and squats, put one on a completely different day that way you can have that exercise be the staple of that day and you can build around it.

    Lets just go ahead and say you add bench to another day on its own you can do some exercises like this around it.

    Cable Crossover
    Dumbbell Flyes
    DB incline Bench
    Maybe some arms too like....
    Hammer Curls
    Preacher Curls

    and as for the day with squats maybe do.....
    Leg extensions
    Calf raises
    Leg press

    You really have to work around with it you seem very knowledgeable in working out so it shouldnt be hard to adjust.

  4. The only problem is that to maximize his output I'd rather stay away from isolation exercises as much as possible and stick to compound exercises. The goal isn't really to build muscle as he is on a caloric deficit and will not be able to do so. More so, the goal is to build strength.

    I really do appreciate the input though. Perhaps I can find a way to split that day up.

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