Building back with pull ups

  1. Building back with pull ups

    Need a little advice here. Something I am starting after lifting for sometime is working on doing pull ups. I see many variations.....close grip, wide grip, reverse.....etc......

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is my take.

    Wide grip are for lats?
    Close grip are for the mid back/delts?
    Reverse grips (palms facing in) is more for your biceps?

    Thanks for the help.......just something I never got into and about time I try some new routines.

  2. Sternum Chin-ups are quite cool.. not exactly sure on the specific back musculature they target, though.

  3. It all depends on what for you use. Pullups usually hit the entire back in general.

  4. Sternum-pulls are pretty cool, but they're more difficult too.

    Maurice, heres the deal as I understand it:

    Palms face away from you = Back works harder

    Palms face you = arms and back work about equally

    Wide-grip = more Lat isolation

    Also, chin-ups (palms facing you, also called a supinated grip) rock for adding mass to the upper arm
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  5. generally when you do pulliups your whole back is working together



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