Dinner time frame

  1. Dinner time frame

    Just had a quick question would eating before dinner before my workout hinder me in anyway? I'm in the air force and by the time i get out of work and hit the gym i find myself rushing through my workout to make it to the chow hall before it closes. I have been trying to decide if I ate at like 5 then started my workout around 630 if it would have any ill effect as to eating immediately following the workout. Thanks in advance!

  2. It shouldn't as long as you can get the food you need postworkout.

  3. thats where the problem comes in the only post workout food i would prolly have is a weight gainer shake then sleep within an hour after my workout... might have to start getting up at 4am and hittin the gym before work shiiiiittttt

  4. i think that would sound good.. eat chill for a bit go lift drink your shake shower and go to bed... i read somewhere that taking a 30 min or longer nap after working should help realse more GH? and if you just go to bed after working out ur gonna be drained u should get sweet sleep.

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