MacGyvering lifting straps

  1. MacGyvering lifting straps

    So my grip killed me today on deadlifts and I need straps before my next workout; problem is I have no money.

    Any ideas on how to whip up some straps from common household materials?


  2. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    You could try to cut up a towel into strips, and sew loops in it. Is the $3-$5 for a new pair of straps really too much money for you?
    Not normally, I'll probably order some next week when I order other stuff. I mostly just wanted to find something to use by friday.

  3. yea man u can buy some at gnc for like $10. sooo im sure theres cheaper straps other places.

  4. You really cant afford $7 straps?

  5. dude just go to sports chalet and by the harbinger straps for 8 bucks and they will last forever, trying to make them will probably cost you even more money
  6. vadox6466
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    brah, they cost all of 5 dollars..

  7. dude there less than 10 bucks...either shell it out or keep working on your grip


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