Elbow Pain... Heated Elbow sleeves???

  1. Elbow Pain... Heated Elbow sleeves???

    have a thread going in the supp log section of my workout anyways if you dont got the time to look its basically

    Tbar Rows
    Weight Dips
    Shoulder Press
    Front dumbell cleans to lockout

    all are 5-8 sets of 1-3 reps of my 3 rep max...

    anyways i bench has been Shooting up no more rotator cuff pain or shoulder pain. my elbows are Fing hurting though i been taking bulk cissus and Fish Oils eating alot and sleeping. I started to Overtrain a bit lately...

    but anyways a big powerlifter at my gym very nice guy was wearing a elbow sleeve which was kinda puffy with air and he said it had a heating type of effect? he ordered it in a magazine... anyone hear of these?

  2. all i can say is that if you have elbow pain(triceps tendonitis) and continue to lift in that rep range your doomed. take care of it before its too late

  3. yea i was suppose to take Thursday off Do arms friday.. and Monday do Workout A. but instead i did arms thursday and saturday did workout A and Workout B Monday.. after benching monday i realized i need those off days i was cutting out.. So i did cardio abs today taking Wednesday and Thursday off. i MIGHT lift Friday do arms. If im still hurting Friday im going to take a week off.

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