My Training/Diet plan..

  1. My Training/Diet plan..

    I want to lose bf im currently around 20%. What do you think of my current training/diet plan?

    I know it lacks information on the weight lifting side but Im still currently trying to decide on what I should and shouldn't add.


    Meal 1: Whey shake + 3 eggs scrambled skimmed milk +1 oz ham.
    Meal 2: ˝ cup sugar-free canned peaches, such as “Carb Clever”

    Meal 3:Raw carrot sticks + 150/200 grams of chicken
    Meal 4:Whey shake

    Gym 4-6pm.

    Meal 5:Whey shake
    Meal 6: Fish/Chicken Couscous And peppers
    Meal 7:Casein with skimmed milk.

    (F) Fishoil 10g = EPA 2160mg DPA 1140mg
    (ALC) Acetyl L Carnitine 2g
    (AL) ALA 500g


    Run for 20-30 minutes (1 mile) Monday-Friday.

    5 minute jog warm up pre weight training.
    30 minute walking up hill fast pace post weight training.

    Monday:3 sets on each 15/12/12/10 Chest/Bis
    Tuesday: 3 sets on each 15/12/12/10 Shoulders/Forearms
    Wednesday: 3 sets on each 15/12/12/10 Back/Tris
    Thursday:Swimming 1 Kilometer
    Friday: 2 Sets on each 12/12/10/8 Bi/Tri/Chest.

    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Rest

  2. I would try to work in legs like squats, calf raise and other stuff because you dont want to have big upper body small legs mine currently looks like this workout wise.

    Monday- Legs
    Leg Extension-10x3
    Calf Raise-10x3
    Leg Curl- 10x3

    And depending how i feel sometimes leg press.

    Tuesday- Chest
    Bench Press-10x3
    DB Incline Bench-10x3
    Cable Crossover-10x3
    Dips- 10-15x3

    And sometimes machine chest press if i didnt have good bench session.

    Wednesday- Off/Cardio

    20 Min Treadmill
    20-30 Min Elliptical

    Thursday- Shoulders/Back (had to condense workouts into other days so putsome back in here)

    Machine Shoulder 10x3
    Shrug 10x3
    Bar military press 10x3
    Cable Seated row 10x3
    Lat Pulldown 10x3

    Friday- Abs Cardio
    Crunch Twist 20,20,20
    Hanging Knee Raise 20,15,12
    Hanging leg raise 8,10,10
    Seated Twist 20,20,20
    Treadmill 15 min
    Elliptical 25 min

    Saturday- Arms/Back ( like i said had to split up back)
    Dead lift 10x3
    Hammer curl 12x3
    Seated preacher curl 10x3
    Machine tricep extension 10x3
    Dip 8x3
    Pullup 8x3

    Sunday-Completely off

    Saturday is deffinately my hardest day but i can usually get through all of it.

    As for diet looks good i take Multivitamin, White FLOOD Preworkout NO tabs and Green MAG creatine.

  3. I forgot to add in mutivitamins! Woops.
    Nice plan there, I'm currently not working out my legs on my cut as they are pretty much exhausted from all the intense walking.
  4. vadox6466
    vadox6466's Avatar

    looks like a solid plan -- best of luck!

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