pissed off!!!!

  1. pissed off!!!!

    hey everyone, yesterday was my first day stacking Animal Stak, SizeOn, Xtend and X Factor(20th day on xfactor)....and i had such a sick workout with a new routine! and this morning i woke up with no soreness or anything!!!! i dont know if this is a good thing but i know with xfactor your supposed to experience doms...and i also feel that my muscles have more growth potential when theyre in pain!!! what the HELL is going on!! haha

  2. work out harder?

  3. Don't rely on pain as an indicator for a good workout, there is just to many factors to determine if your going to have DOMS. Also you have to remember both Sizeon and Xtend are going to substantially limit DOMS if they are used correctly.
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  4. yea man i been evenly dosing my glutamine,cissus,fish oils 4x a day and i took one day off not two between workouts i could probably hit legs today if i wanted too even though i squated yesterday. Upper Body could prolly go tommorow. Maybe your just doing a good job recovering

  5. I have run X factor 3 times and never got bad doms, had great gains tho
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  6. i see what you guys are saying with the sizeon and bcaas...maybe i got my supplamentation down...thanks

  7. Quote Originally Posted by PhysiqueFreak View Post
    work out harder?
    i go to failure every set plus negatives at the end...cant go much harder..

  8. Quote Originally Posted by warbird01 View Post
    I have run X factor 3 times and never got bad doms, had great gains tho
    Ditto. I would go so far as to say I never had any doms (and I've run it up to 1500mg over 60 days). My gains have always been excellent too.

  9. im doing 1000mg a day for 50 days...is that enough for me??? im 235 pounds....and i have at least 6 or 7 whole eggs a day and apparently 1 large egg yolk has 75mg of AA...is it enough?

  10. seems like u got ur **** together for recovery lol share the secrets bro!

  11. haha nothin special....eat every 2.5 hours, get my macros in...multi vitamines BCAAS sizeon ....hopefully thats the case because im getting upset about this lack of soreness hahaha.and i feel like im getting weaker and smaller....but then again, we all know how this crazy lifestyle can play games with our minds sometimes...makes me crazy!


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