How does my split look?

  1. How does my split look?

    Trying to get a decent critique of my 4 day split at the moment.

    Monday Chest/Tris
    Bench Press
    Incline Press
    Bent Over Row
    Skull Crushers
    Overhead Tricep Extensions

    Tuesday Back/Biceps
    Overhead Pull Downs
    Reverse Pull Downs
    Seated Rows
    Hammer Curls
    Cross Body Curls
    Concentration Curls

    Wed - Off
    Cardio only

    Thursday Legs/Back/Shoulders
    Calf Raises (with 100 lb curl bar over my shoulders)
    Shoulder Press

    Friday Arms
    Preacher Curls
    Hammer Curls
    Skull Crushers
    Cable Extensions

    Saturday - Cardio
    Sunday - Cardio

    I'm eating at a calorie deficit at the moment so I know gains aren't going to be spectacular, but I have the patience to stick it out until I get my weight down to where I'd like it then switch the diet up to be at a calorie surplus. I am getting 150-200 grams of protein daily and I'm 6' 216 at the moment, working my way towards 180, then I'd like to bulk up from there.

    Will this routine at least help me start to make some gains while I'm losing, or at least help build strength so I can hit the weights hard when I get to my bulking stage?

  2. Just a quick glance, i wouldn't do deads, squats and lunges on same day. deads and squats on separate days if it were me, one is bound to suffer as they are large, compound lifts that should require and consume alot of your energy and strength. Maybe look at doing a 4 day split of this:
    day 1: horizontal push/pull
    day 2:legs(quad dominant) and accessory bi or tri work
    day 3 ff(cardio), abs
    day 4: vertical push/pull
    day 5:legs(ham/glute dominant) accessory bi or tri(opposite of what u do day 2) work.
    day 6ff
    day 7: off
    maybe fit another cardio on an upper day. Depends on your goals really, I like to think in terms of movements not body parts I guess. Sticking with 3-4 compound movements(bench, squats,deads,bbrows,pullups etc) each day and 2 ,maybe 3, isolation movements.

  3. If you can do deadlifts, squats and lunges all in the same workout, you're not working hard enough. I have to struggle through the rest of my workout when I do either squats or deadlifts but maybe thats just me. Bent over rows are a back exercise right? Why work them with chest/tris? Are reverse pull downs the same as behind the neck pulls?

    My advice: Do deadlifts with back instead of one of the pulldowns. You're doing too many arm exercises IMO. Take the shoulder work and put in in your friday workout and lower the overall arm load.

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