Training on aas (help)

  1. Training on aas (help)

    i was wondering if anyone knew of any good workouts for building serious mass while you are on juicy juice (lol aka aas) =) the aas i am using is sustanon 250

  2. 1. The Single Bodypart Superset

    This is the typical type of Superset where you use two different exercises for the same bodypart. An example of this doing a pulldown for the back then immediately doing a seated cable row for the back.

    The benefit of this is to hit somewhat different fibers of the muscle from different angles but without giving the bodypart time to recover from the first exercise. This forces the bodypart to work that much harder to complete the second exercise.

    It's a powerful increase in intensity and one that can dramatically ramp up muscle development.

    Here are some examples for other bodyparts:

    flat barbell bench press + incline dumbell press
    incline flyes + flat dumbell bench press
    cable crossovers + push-ups

    squats + leg extensions
    leg press + lunges

    side lateral raises + rear lateral raises
    dumbell shoulder press + barbell shoulder press

    2. Antagonistic Supersets

    Instead of doing two sets in a row for the same muscle, you will do two sets for directly opposing (antagonistic) muscle groups. An example of this is doing a bicep exercise then a tricep exercise.

    Antagonistic Supersets are excellent for allowing you to compress workout time while maintaining high strength levels. When you work an opposing muscle group directly after the original muscle, studies have shown that the nervous system activation can actually INCREASE strength in the second muscle group when you work it.

    Here are some examples of Antagonistic Supersets:

    Chest & Back
    flat barbell bench press + bent-over barbell rows

    Biceps & Triceps
    barbell curls + close grip bench press

    Quadriceps & Hamstrings
    leg extensions + leg curls

    The shoulders don't technically have any direct antagonist muscle groups, but you can work with the specific shoulder exercise movements to do the opposite movement. For example, you can do dumbell shoulder press then go directly into pulldowns for the back. You can also do rear delt lateral then dumbell flyes.

    The antagonist muscle to the two major calf muscles is called the tibialis anterior. It's a small and relatively weak muscle compared to the major calf muscles (the gastrocnemius and the soleus) and not particularly useful for doing Supersets with.

    3. Pre-Exhaust Supersets

    This type of Superset focuses on first utilizing an isolation (single joint) movement to "pre-exhaust" the target muscle group before doing a compound (multi-joint) movement to allow the secondary mover muscles to push the target muscle harder.

    In English, that means you start with an exercise that works just the target muscle, such as a dumbell flye. When you're done, you use an exercise that works the target muscle with help from other muscles, e.g. the bench press.

    The net result is that you first exhaust the pecs with the flyes. When you move to the bench press, the pecs get help from the triceps and shoulders to help keep moving the weight, pushing the pecs much harder than they would normally have to work when doing the bench press.

    The result of this is much faster muscle development!

    Here are some other examples of
    Pre-Exhaust Supersets:

    dumbell side lateral raises + dumbell shoulder press

    pushdowns + dips (bench or parallel bar)

    leg extensions + squats

    barbell curls + close grip pulldowns with the torso vertical

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