Strength Testing

  1. Strength Testing

    I am trying to come up with some unique ways to test the strength of my players. I am looking for ideas.

    So far I have two old faitfuls

    1. 222lb bench rep Test (185lbs for Skill Positions)
    2. Bench your bodyweight (a goal of 10 is what we are shooting for)

    What can I do for squats?

    What about other lifts and or exercies?

    All ideas are welcome!


  2. In my school we had a 1000,1100,1200 pound club

    Just add the max deadlift,Bench,Squat,Power Clean and see what catagory they fall into and use a max calculator so you dont risk injuries etc... and that way some of the freshman sophmore that cant move weight like that still have a total say they hit 950. They will know next time wat they wanna shoot for

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