Hey AM people,

So for my new 6 week program I've incorporated the 5x5 workout. I'm actually looking for pointers on my routine and also if anyone believes this increases size as much as it does strength. Anyway...
I do a 5 day workout.
Monday: chest I've choosen 235 5x5, keeping the same weight throughout and I only rest about 2 minutes.
Behind the neck press at 145 5x5 same rest same weight.
Back is close grip pull ups or rows. Triceps I do (not sure what the term is) seated dips
Tuesday: Squats and leg press/calve press/cardio
Wednesday:Super set day Chest/Shoulders/Back with bicep/and tri
Friday: 3x12 Chest (bench&Dips) /Shoulder (BTN Press&side raise)/Back (pull ups and rows)
I still have another 2 weeks to go and my strength has increased exponentially. My bulk has increased a little but doesn't feel as tight as I would have hoped.
Suppliments at the moment are only EE Creatine and Iso pure protein.
In a month I'm doing a small dose of SUS 500 for a few weeks but I want a proper workout to go along with a this potent pill.