Getting fitter without getting smaller

  1. Getting fitter without getting smaller

    Hi guys

    I'd like to get significantly fitter in the next month. I'd like to be able to play 30 minutes of soccer (stop, start, sprint, change of direction, jog involved)

    I'm wondering what type of trainig would help me achieve that goal? I'm looking for some direction in my cardio workout as I haven't done cardio since I started lifting weights last year.

    Fitness is paramount this time, so if i'd like to know how I can train to achieve that level of fitness. Should I start eating a higher calorie diet as well?


  2. Without knowing your goals, I'd say Google HIIT. Worked for me when I needed cardio to get back into Ice Hockey........................ ..............................

  3. My goal: Increase aerobic fitness in a sport that requires jogging, sprinting and sudden changes in direction. My goal is to be able to jog for 15 minutes (1 being walking, 10 being sprinting) at around 6-8.

    I'm wondering what type of training I should do (ie HIIT), how frequently I can do so, and what type of diet I should be looking at. Also, is this a good opportunity to cut? I'm currently around 18% and not very fit because of the off season.

    I currently work full time, but I am thinking of either running in the morning or lunchtime - and then working out at night.

  4. You can do hiit every day if you like. It's great for cutting.

  5. I ran around an oval 3 times yesterday, then once more and then home.

    Will HIIT get my fitness up quicker then medium paced normal cardio? I always had the impression HIIT was about weight loss and explosive fat burning. Plus it's good for sprint speed and conserving muscle mass.

    I can sprint pretty fast already. I just need to get my lungs up to par.

  6. Tabata sprints are what you are looking for.

  7. That's actually a very good question. Perhaps my answer will shed some light on your dilemma. Since '88, Ive had a snowboarding career, alpine. Now at age 35, I still rip the slopes. Even with the many years of experience, as it gets closer to the season, I wonder and ask my self what am I going to do to get in shape for the upcoming snowboard season (riding aggressively 5 days a week for at least 4-6 hours each day).

    I remember one year I had some time off from the weight room and decided to get back in there to do some training so my muscles would be in shape for the hill. Well I did that months prior and into the season.
    A big shock.
    Despite the prior training, I still developed major soreness (similar to doms and not from falling) from the first week or so being on the hill. I couldnt quite understand why as I was in shape from putting in quality time at the gym as preparation. Then I realized that I was in shape, just not for the different movements that were required for aggressively carving on a snowboard. Intensity amts. varied and more.

    The key is to develop a training regimen that may closely mimick what you will be doing. For me, I still continued with the weights but added slalom skateboarding prior to the upcoming snow season. The movements on a slalom skateboard are very identical to that of which I did on my alpine snowboard, hence, the muscles worked involved using similar intensities, angulation, and inclination of the body. Practice your soccer movements in small amts. and work up to your goal.


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