1. recovery

    just curious on everybodies thoughts on recovery.. been training with a 3 day split for 17 weeks on my newest bulk. the program i am on calls for a recovery week in between the 3 8 week phases. I really don't want to take it. I am only doing 3 days a week..i get plenty of rest and sleep and don't do anyting on offdays. I don't feel overtrained and i am just getting into a good groove. Would it really hurt to not take a recovery week? i got 8 weeks left and then i'm going to cut.

  2. No, it won't hurt. However, why do you think the originator of the protocol stuck in the recovery weeks?

  3. it wasn't mandatory, just a recommendation. I'm gonna start my new phase and see how it goes this week..

  4. Same question. Why do you think they recommended it? I mean, if they thought out and thought through the protocol it probably wouldn't just randomly be thrown in there. So, why do you think?

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