need some opinions on this new split..

  1. need some opinions on this new split..

    monday-60 min cardio,abs

    tuesday-chest,30 min cardio

    wed-back and shoulders,30 min cardio

    thurs-60 min cardio,abs

    fri-arms and traps,30 min cardio

    sat-legs and abs

    sun-30 min cardio


  2. Try it and see how you like it jd. What type of rep/set/exercise scheme are you thinking of using?

  3. Give it a 4-6 week shot. Then switch it up.
    Just an idea though... if you swapped traps with shoulders so that you have
    Wed: Back/Trap
    Fri Shoulder/arms you might get a better pump.
    I did that through January and my shoulders increased size just a bit and strength a ton. Super setting is a great way to bulk fast and it can save you time even if you incorporate them into the split you posted.

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