lower hip / groin pain while squatting

  1. lower hip / groin pain while squatting

    When doing the leg press and squats, the lower portion of my hip, right where my legs connect (i guess) start to burn, not in a good way.

    Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what fixes it? Maybe there is a stretch I can do. Its been two days since leg day, and just doing bodyweight sumo squats hurts a lot.

  2. Now is it a burn or a sharp pull? Also, how do you squat. If you sumo squat/dead and your groin hurts you need to work on your flexibility of your groin and hip flexors.

    I have groin problems quite often. The only thing that fixes it is to lay off for a couple weeks. Even if your like, "Yeah i feel pretty good, Im gonna try to squat" try to keep off it as long as you can stand. My problem is always pushing on a previous injury and bringing it back or making it worse.

    So the best thing to do is cold/hot compresses, light stretches, a motrin, and some time to heal (thats if you injured your groin)

    p.s. groin pulls are pretty common and can lag for a long time
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  3. Is the pain in your groin or across the the front of your leg?

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