need advice on a treadmill

  1. need advice on a treadmill

    I'm looking on craigslist (classified online) for a treadmill for under $500, but preferably around 200-300

    Any advice is much appreciated. I'd probably be a rather heavy user, as I like to do the 45 minutes empty stomach low intensity, or the HIIT for 20 minutes. And when I cut, I'd be doing one or the other at least once everyday since I don't have a real full rest day.

    The only requirements I need are that it inclines, and it's overall stable, even though I only weigh about 156lbs, I'd still like something that feels solid.

    a optional benefit would be the ability to change speed input instantly (i understand it takes time for the machine to change speeds however). For example, for HIIT, I'd like to be able to go from 2.9 to 6.0 or something without having to press down the damn arrow button for 10 seconds. In fact, I haven't even figured out how to do that at the gym treadmill so perhaps this is an option on most machines?

    so I'm basically looking for brands that match this criteria, then I'll search for it on the classified and get it for a bargain! thanks!

    thanks everyone

  2. ne one plzzzzz

  3. Going to be very hard to find a decent treadmill that will take heavy use for that price. I recently bought one and after all of my research Sole seems to make some of the best in home treads. The best reviews out there. I got the Sole F63 as I don't need anything else because I won't be jogging, I think it set me back around $900 direct from them.

  4. dont get a cheap one man, in my life my parents have spent a fortune on treads and the cheap ones are ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

    this is the one my mom has right now. Its decent, not alot of support for the knees, but its good for 2 - 3 miles.

    this one has speed buttons that you can use to change speed instantly like you'd like. But if you hold the button down it jumps at 1.0 intervals so you can get there pretty quickly.

    this one is also pretty good, a little step up from the t91. Both are pretty solid, I ran on the t91 when i was 205 it didnt feel slippy or shaky. With you it should be even better.

    But whatever you do, dont go low end at all. AT ALLLLLLLL. Go at least mid end, save up if you have to.

    you need to put it under mats or something, or on carpet, because in a garage which is where im assuming you'll put it the smooth concrete will allow it to move.
    Academy has some put together block mats that we set the treadmill on and it stopped moving.

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