need some help...Obliques/lower back

  1. need some help...Obliques/lower back

    I have been cutting up for a month now and Im just having some trouble loosing some fat around my obligues and lower back area! My abs are coming along nicely but as stated above I am having trouble with the areas mentioned. My diet is on target and the only supps I am using are anabolic pump, creatine, and fish oil. I do my cardio at the end of my workouts but I need some good exercises for these areas and was wondering what you guys thought are the best ones to help me out????

  2. No exercise is going to help you lose fat from specific sites...Everyone has their trouble areas...yours is probably just your lower back...the lower your bodyfat gets the more that will come away from can also try Napalm...I had good resuts with it but didnt try it on my lower back...

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