Help, workout needs work

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    Help, workout needs work

    I have been following this workout for about 2 weeks and am getting a lot of criticism for it
    consists of one muscle group a day:

    Chest ~
    DB Bench 4x10,8,6,4
    Incline DB 4x8
    Decline DB 4x10,8,6,4
    Incline Cable Flys 4x10 } usually a
    Decline Cable Flys.4x10} super set
    Peck Deck 4x10

    Back ~
    Lat Pull Downs 4x10} super
    Seated Rows 4x10} set
    Bent Over Flys 3x10
    Lawnmowers 3x10
    Reverse Grip Rows 4x10
    Shrugs 3x15

    Bi & Tri~
    Single arm Push Down 4x10
    forward and reverse grip super set
    Hammer Curl 4x8
    Crushers 3x10
    Tri Push Downs 4x10
    Concentration Curls 4x8
    Seated Curls (incline) 4x8

    Shoulder ~
    Seated Press 4x8
    Plate Raises 3x10
    Nieder Press 4x8
    Standing Military 4x8
    Upright Rows 3x10
    I will normally do 3 or 4 exercises per muscle group, not ever one on the list.
    By the end of the workout I am spent.
    I keep telling myself I need to do legs; just can't bring myself to it.
    Age 20, 5'9", 175-180 lbs.

    I have been doing a lot of reading instead of the studying that I should be doing and have came up with this from stronglifts, I have changed it up a little.
    I will work tuesday, thursday, and sunday; alternating each time

    Workout A Workout B
    Squat 5x5 Squat 5x5
    Bench Press 5x5 Overhead Press 5x5
    Barbell Rows 3xF Deadlift 1x5
    Dips 3xF Pull-ups/Chin-ups 3xF
    Rope Crunch 3xF Prone Bridges 3xF

    Is the original workout really that bad? What would you recommend?

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    your original is bad for a couple reasons IMO :

    1 - no leg training
    2 - no deadlifts/pullups on back day
    3 - no mass exercises on arm day

    try the stronglifts for a couple months to build up your core muscle groups.

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