Training while sick

  1. Training while sick

    You guys train while sick with a cold? I've heard that it can help you sweat it out, true?

  2. I let myself rest. When your body is focusing on repairing damaged muscles from working out rather than getting rid of the illness it takes longer to get better. That is my experience.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by boggs67ss View Post
    You guys train while sick with a cold? I've heard that it can help you sweat it out, true?

    I've tried before, and just ended up having a really poor workout, and I felt like ****. Some people can handle it, but it wasn't for me. The downed immune system seemed to hinder my recovery too. I just take a week off when I'm sick, since I usually can't find a good excuse (or don't want) to take a week off under normal circumstances. You can really benefit from a week off every now and then anyway IMO.

  4. I have before with football did some damn good power cleans.. but benching when i was sick blew,

  5. if you want to train while sick dont workout at the same intensity as if you are not sick or you will put your body under too much pressure to recover from your virus plus muscle recovery
    my experience has been in more than once, when i worked out legs while ignoring i was sick i got worst and had to stop training, basically your body is letting you know something is not well, listen to your body in these cases, get well then resume training at the same intensity.

  6. Get some rest and a take a little bit of time off. Every time I have ever lifted with a cold, it has always taken much longer to recover than when I take time off.

  7. I am relentless about training while I am sick. I will drop the weight/intensity and go on with the show. However, I don't know so much about this "sweating it out". I have heard that before, but I don't believe the theory personally.

  8. i've tried "sweating out" a cold/virus and only felt twice as crappy the next day. So I don't buy that theory. I agree with those who say take the time off...

  9. I trained hard in January and kept a pesky cold for the whole darn month. Probably would've fought it off after a week if I just rested. I'm a hardhead though.

  10. as long as i dont have a fever i still hit the gym =)

  11. If its above the neck your good to go, below then stay home and rest.

    I just trained hard right through a horrible head cold.
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  12. i can't do it.... it's why if i do get sick, not only do i get very angry that my routnie is messed up... but i also rest heaps, and hyper-medicate which seems to work for me as long as i'm doing it in moderation and the drugs are simple over the counter ones.

  13. Your body is already fighting a cold so why stress your immune system further by forcing it to recover from training at the same time?

  14. No! it overstresses the body.

  15. take the time off, depends on how sick you are or why you are feeling sick, runny nose cough, soar throat so many symptoms bottom line for me anytime now that i feel sick i take the time off its hard finding an excuse to not go to the gym, so in my case it works out to rest my body for a couple of days letting it recover then get back to the gym and hit it hard!!! pick up a multivitamin or the new orange triad immune system thing if your still sick and even if your not sick still good to take during the cold months like here in michigan i always get sick during the winter atleast once with a cold hope this helps

  16. depends on how sick I am if I have the common cold I try to tough it out and move on or at worst lower the weight but if I have the flu I'll take the time off. If you take supplements it feels like a waste when you don't train hard and still use them

  17. A couple of weeks ago I worked chest with cold/flu type symptoms. When I got home I started to feel like something was really, really wrong with me. I'll never train again when I am sick, even though I know I'll feel like a lazy piece of sh*t.


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