New to this need help

  1. New to this need help

    ok im new to the bodybuilding scene anyway i needed someone to help with a workout program since i dont have to money for a personal trainer first off i know this is going to sound stupid but how much is a rep (how many times) and also this is my first time ever lifting weights i started a month ago my bench press is 90lbs and i do that 3 times sets of 10 everyday and also i do the bicep curl 50 times on each arm 30lbs but im never sore after should i be sore for the rest of the day after i work out anyway could someone help me with this like how many days on how many days off i want to build shoulders,biceps,triceps and quads i only have a weight bench with 240lbs in all and a 30lbs dumbbell im 21 230ilbs 5'11 thanks in advance

  2. first off everything you just said dont do! listen up.
    first off a rep is per lift if i say do 5 reps that means the curl the dumbbell up 5 times dont know how else to explain it to you. A set is when you do like 10 reps and stop thats your first set make sense?
    now you dont need a personal trainer you just need help!!
    ok now some variations you need to learn the compound exercises such as Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, Close grip bench press, military press, pullups ok the main workouts you hear from everybody!!
    Now for example instead of the dumbbells take the bar off the rack on your bench, set it on the floor put some weight on it clip it shut so the weight wont fall off and stand up and do STANDING BARBELL CURLS see gotta learn how to manipulate your equipment to workout go to and they have pictures of exercises on there that is the best thing for you to help yourself now and dont buy anything from that website!!! need to learn how to exercise first got it?! and youtube type in like bicep there will probably be videos that pop up
    hopefully this should help and hopefully i dont get in trouble for posting the website on here
    also rep me please

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