Full Body Thrice Weekly

  1. Full Body Thrice Weekly

    Alright, well I'm recovering from an aortic replacement open-heart surgery and can't lift until early April as I wait for my ribcage to fuse together. I'm a powerlifter and have much knowledge in compiling a solid routine for gaining strength, but since it takes up to a year for my ribcage to totally heal, I figured I would start super light and go the bodybuilding route for a while and stick in the 8-15 rep range.

    I was wondering if I could get some insight or examples on creating a three day fullbody routine composed entirely of free weights and compound lifts.

    I was thinking:
    Day A
    Assistance of some sort

    Day B
    Front squat
    Weighted pullups
    Assistance again

    and then just going in an ABA then BAB format.

    I'm thinking of if I want to keep front squats or just do squats and throw them in occasionally and then maybe once a week do deadlifts instead

    Or I don't know if I want something like:


    Front Squat

    Incline Bench or CGBP

    Each day with some assistance work.

  2. The Ectomorph Workout

    of course, i am biased

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