Bulking Training Program for an 18 year old

  1. Bulking Training Program for an 18 year old

    Hey guys, I'm new here just wanted to say hey and that this place is great and really informative. With that said, I'm 18 5' 10" anywhere between 195-200lbs. I have been lifting for about 4 years now and although I have grown a little bit, I feel like I have hit a plateau.

    My main goal is to put on lean mass and put on atleast 10 more lbs. But all in all just SIZE. I'm eating as much as I can when I can. Right now all the suppliments I take are Creatine and ON 100% Whey.

    I lift 6 days a week and go as heavy as I can everytime I go in. Here is what my spread looks like. (I can include the # of sets/weight, etc. if need be):

    Day 1 (Monday)= Shoulders
    Seated Behind the Neck Barbell Press
    Standing Upright Rows
    Seated Dumbell Press
    Dumbell Shrugs
    Lateral Raises

    Day 2 (Tuesday)= Back
    Wide-grip Lat Pull Down
    Close-grip Lat Pull Down
    Bent Barbell Rows
    Close Grip (Ronnie Style) T-Bar
    Dumbell Rows
    Deadlifts (Always at the end)

    Day 3 (Wednesday)= Chest
    Incline Bench
    Flat Bench
    Decline Bench MACHINE
    Flat Dumbell Bench
    Incline Dumbell Bench

    Day 4 (Thursday)= Bi's & Tri's
    Standing Barbell Curl
    Preacher Bench Curls
    SUPER SET= Skull Crushers (with the cables) and 21's
    Skull Crushers (with the easy bar)
    Pull Downs
    Kick Backs w/ Dumbells

    Day 5 (Friday)= Legs
    Leg Press
    Front Squats
    Seated Calve Machine
    Quad Extension (Machine)
    Ham's Extension (Machine)
    Standing Calve Machine

    Day 6 (Saturday)= Whatever comes next in the rotation (In this case Shoulders)

    Day 7 (Sunday)= REST

    What else can I do to put on mass? And how does everything else look? Thanks

  2. Never enough
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    if you are eating all you can and arent gaining, then no particular workout is going to change that.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    if you are eating all you can and arent gaining, then no particular workout is going to change that.
    Is my workout the kind of workout that I should be seeing more gains from? I do PLENTY of eating I just feel like I'm doing something wrong.
  4. Never enough
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    The workout looks ok in general, depending on rep ranges and number of sets. It may be a little overkill.

    But my point is that if you aren't gaining either muscle or fat, then you aren't eating enough. No change in the workout structure, and no supplement will change that. So lets try to figure out what we can about your diet, and see where we can add some extra healthy calories
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  5. How many sets and reps do you do on each of those exericises?

  6. gotta say since you're 18. if you smoke/drink, you are compromising your gains.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by SoCo4Fun View Post
    How many sets and reps do you do on each of those exericises?
    I usually pyramid up. On every exercise I go 4 sets.

    1st= 12 reps
    2nd= 12 reps
    3rd= 10 reps
    4th= 6-8 reps

    I eat a lot of eggs, chicken, beef, and rice. Along with taking the Whey 3 times a day.


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