Good books for sprinter?

  1. Question Good books for sprinter?

    I'm a college freshman and im new on the track team. I never have run competively just football all through highschool. I was wondering if anyone has some good books to read on for a sprinter(diet, training tips and guidelines etc...). I am currently training and am going to do the 100 and 200 meter events. thanks for any input


  2. Not sure of any good books out there but here are some good tips.

    When training for the 100m sprint, instead of finishing at the 100m finish line, mark your finish about 15-20m from the actual finish line and sprint to that. Same goes for the 200m sprint training. That will help increase your times.

    Running down hill will help to increase your stride. We had a coach that would attach a body harness and pull vehicles on a straightaway. You can also have a partner place his hands on your shoulders while starting from the blocks to apply some resistance to help increase your explosive power out of the blocks.

  3. SPEED TRAP by Charlie Francis. It talks specifically about his method of training his sprinters, which is kinda "the opposite way" of how many coaches train their sprinters. It also goes into the steroid use of Ben Johnson (my all-time favorite 100 meter runner) and his other athletes. It is a great read, if you truly want to become a "student" of sprinting.

    Also, anything written by Loren Seagrave would be an excellent read too. He was the sprint coach for LSU Tigers (Women) during the late 80's and early 90's.

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