Back with a vengeance.

  1. Back with a vengeance.

    First off i have very very saddening news to report, and to anyone who was supporting me before i have to apologize. I stopped working out during october and i let myself go and lost all my gains. So im back at square one, im still mad at myself for this, so im back with a vengeance to working out.

    This time im taking a new approach. Before i was focusing on getting bigger and stronger. This time i actually thought about my goals, and i realize that i dont really want to get bigger. Im mainly want to get toned, defined, and just a little bit bigger.
    I know the main part is doing HIIT cardio more often to burn off fat and calories, but other then that im lost.
    So ive got a workout from mensworkoutguide, idk how good it is because i really dont know what im doing. If you guys have any better workout ideas for getting toned, and defined, like the 300 spartans i guess is the best example, i would love the help.
    If you have any tips, suggestions, any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. PM me your email address brotha, i've got some articles in jpeg format that you might be interested in.

    and yes, HIIT, cardio and crossfit are some of the best ways to go

    P.S. welcome back brotha.

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