Back to the gym

  1. Back to the gym

    So I'm going back to the gym on feb 3rd. I broke my 5th metacarpal in my hand aka "Boxers fracture" back on Dec 7th. I got my cast off 2 weeks ago and my doc said I was good to go to hit the gym again. I hesitated and took 2 more weeks off!

    So what i'm tryin to get at here should I hit the weights again? Should I go light? or should I go back to what I was doin. It doesn't hurt except if I make a really tight fist. I'm kind of nervous becuase the break is in the middle of my hand under my pinky....where is where the bar would lay if lets say i'm doing flat bench.

    My pinky knuckle is also depressed from the rest of my knuckles and i've lost some muscle in my hand.

    Hopefully I haven't lost too much in the 2 months that I've been away from the gym with this broken hand.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.!

    I'm dying to go back to the gym!

  2. My m8 broke his wrist when he punched someone in the head...when he got the cast off i was quite suprised how quickly he got back into things. he was lifting real heavy within a month of the cast being off.

    He did work his way back into it. I wouldn't jump right into the deep end again. Go easy for a week see how it goes, i know i wouldn't want to end up back at square one!
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  3. yeah start with a low weight no issues put more weight on same as with any type of break

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