7 day training ???

  1. 7 day training ???

    Hey guys was speaking to my doc who is a massive guy while talking about steroids and he suggested a differant training style to me especially for when on cycle.

    He said to train 7 days a week and work every body part at 80% of your capacity and then on each day pick 1 body part where you do %110 capcity.

    What do you guys think of this method ?

  2. thats a good recipe for over training after week 1, i would not recommended but i'm not your doc


  3. i agree that its harder to overtrain while on cycle, but that really is pushing it. even arnold only worked out 6 days per week.

  4. the muscle may recover but you`ll not have the same luck with your joints

  5. 7 days a week is doable, but not that sort of workout. Take a normal 5 day split, and double up on 2 of the days, probably bis/tris one of the two duplicates.

  6. Well he suggested to me that i should be doing something everyday. So maybe 5 or 6 days gym as above and then cardio on the off days, how would that go ?

  7. yeah, 5 + 2 cardio works fine

  8. i'm goin with nunes on this one.

    Even if the muscles recover, that type of training is putting ridiculous stress on your joints. I can't believe your doctor recommended that.

  9. Why would it put so mcuh stress when you are only doing 80% capacity of what you can do ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattakaspeedy View Post
    Why would it put so mcuh stress when you are only doing 80% capacity of what you can do ?
    Steroids don't really increase your joint strength, just muscles. The main real danger for people who use them correctly is injuries because your muscles can outperform your bone structure.

    This is my understanding anyway.

    I don't even use steroids, but I train 5-6 days a week and if I really push it I will get terrible pain in my elbows and shoulders, non muscle related. I can't even imagine the injuries that would result if I could suddenly lift 25% more.

  11. Yeah, the tendons don't thicken as fast as the muscle grows, except maybe if you are using deca

  12. im not gonna suggest it either, if you do however decide to do it, make sure you at least allow for some downtime. ex.) work out 1 full week, take a couple days off work out another 7 days in a row take a couple days off. I would just stick to 5 days a week maybe 6

  13. Soz maybe i am just not understanding. You are only really pushing that muscle part one day a week and the other 4 days, only using that muscle 80% of what you can do. So it isnt really going to be putting stress at unbelievable loads on it...

    Im not saying doing 5 days pushing that muscle 100% ed...


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