Question on working Biceps back to back

  1. Question on working Biceps back to back

    I worked biceps, well not reallllllly hard but I hadnt worked Bi's using a barbell in a while so yesterday I did 5 sets of 10 on barbell curls. So today I was going to do maybe inner thigh curls and/or preacher curls. Will I decrease gains working arms two days in a row? I know as a rule your not supposed to but what about the help of supps and diet? Thanks!


  2. Why didn't you just do them yesterday with your other exercise? I wouldn't do it today... Easy way to get injured is working same muscle group in 2 days especially going heavy. I dont know much about what supps would help but the only way i would consider doing that is if i was on somethin that would seirously increase recovery time... I say just pound your arms all in one day or... on a back day do bi's too

  3. When you train you cause micro tears to your muscles. The healing process has begun regaurless of how little you did and to interupt this healing cycle could leave you weaker due to not healing correctly.
    I would advise against it.

  4. i have done that before but even if i achieve a pump.. its like a hurting pump more then one u get say if u work bis like mon and friday rather then fri and sat or something like that.

  5. Answer= NO



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