1. basketball

    I was just wondering is basketball a good enough cardio before lifting?

  2. I dont see why not. I try to vary exercises as much as possible. Anything to get me sweating!

  3. Oh man basketball is intense, that used to be my only cardio. It got me really really ripped up. I'm going to start swimming on days when I'm not balling (so i can heal i guess basketball makes me really sore)... this is all in like march when i plan on cutting..

  4. ok thanks

  5. basketball is awesome cardio. Well it's aerobic and anaerobic.

    But why before lifting? Warming up is one thing (like a 5 - 10 min walk) but intense cardio just wears you out.

  6. well i lift in a football thing and before i play around with other people for a lil bit

  7. Quote Originally Posted by istal View Post
    well i lift in a football thing and before i play around with other people for a lil bit

    tru, well any intense cardio before lifting negatively impacts the lifting simply because it burns a lot of glycogen and fatigue the muscles. warming up is different though, like 5 - 10 mins of power walking or light jogging will warm up the muscles and wont use a great deal of glycogen.

    if your using basketball as cardio to burn fat or gain fitness etc., i'd say do it on a different day to weightlifting. Because basketball more or less is a form of HIIT if you're playing a proper game. So you need to be fuelled for it.

  8. oo thank you boyfromaus

  9. basketball would be a hell of an exercise soccer would be nice too


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