Ghetto workout

  1. Ghetto workout

    YouTube - Fitness From the streets Part 2

    Now I know this has been posted before. I just posted because for the past 2 weeks I have been incorporating bits and pieces of this into my normal workout for a change of pace.

    I can't speak for any gains yet, but holy crap it's a good workout. I've been adding stuff in on my back workout day since the majority is either abs or pull variations. Needless to say it's been fun. Going from rack deads and firemen walks to Z pullups and leghang rows is fun as hell. It's funny because one dude at my college gym does this stuff only, and is pretty well built. We both think each other are crazy because I'm doing heavy walks and deads and such, and he is doing some outlandish stuff that works.

    Anyone else try some of this firsthand?

  2. oh yeaa..we do this around where i go to school. when the gym is closed we run down to the hood, hit the elementary schools, find buildings to do pull ups on walls, fences, whatever. you can find all sorts of stuff to work out on in the hood.

    haha get money!!

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