Anyone mind posting some lift pics?

  1. Anyone mind posting some lift pics?

    im looking for some good shoulder, neck, back and arm exercises.

    I was inclined orginally to just head to the gym and watch what other people do, but damn some people do some weird stuff.

    Im at 195 trying to get down to about 165~. So anything also that may help out my stomach/love handle area would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  2. diet and cardio

  3. Quote Originally Posted by raginfcktard View Post
    diet and cardio
    no weights at all? dont wanna lost all my strength completely.

    but i guess If I must...I must. 25~lbs is a substantial amount of weight tho, and ive already lost 50, so whats a few more amirite?

  4. that was my response to your goal of stomach and love handles by dropping 30lbs. continue weight training of course but dropping the weight lies in diet and cardio, especially that muc weight!

  5. youtube is a great place to look around. I found a lot of great shoulder rehab exercises from dieselcrew there



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