how often do you switch up routines

  1. how often do you switch up routines

    so how often do u guys switch up your routine, every month? 6 weeks? 4 months? i've just started back on for weeks now after not workin out for 7 months and i don't know how long i should stay with my routine

  2. depends on you and the routine, but i'd say no sooner than 6 weeks unless it is something severe like GVT, and no longer than 12 weeks

  3. i switch mine up about every 6 weeks to 8 weeks... then take about 5 days off and then hit it hard again with my new routine

  4. yeah thats what i was thinking... what about the exercises? switch up exercises every 2 weeks is usually what i do. that good?

  5. i rotate exercises workout to workout if i can, try to sub them in so every chest workout has an exercise i didnt do last workout

  6. i do the same... switching exercises every workout...

  7. I'd say every 2months roughly...
    A guy I spoke to recently explained to me that people who after 3-4 weeks stop seeing results at the gym freak and think they gotta switch routines... so they run around trying to find new exercises to hit the muscle differently... his theory was its not really about that, its all in the end about increasing that 1RM... so switch up the set/rep amounts for example, so your body isnt used to it

    i just finished 8 weeks of 5x5s, am now going for 3x8s (had to lower weights a tiny bit bit I kinda feel more of a "pump"when i do my exercises)... in another 2 months im not sure.... maybe go back and do a stricter 5x5 or possible go for 12rep range on lighter weights but mega mega uber slow and see what i get out of that (probably more of a increase in muscle mass rather than strength) but if so then all is good, ill just go back to low rep power training after, i think mixing it around is a good idea...

    correct me if im wrong!

  8. every workout

  9. me and a buddy of mine have came up with a very effective training routine, basically switch every 3-4 weeks.

  10. Im on a split routine (Back/Biceps); (tris/Chest); (legs/Delts) that I like to switch every 6 weeks to (Back/Chest) (Biceps/Tris) and I always keep Legs/Delts though. I try to rotate barbell bench presses with DB Declines & Inclines every other chest day to keep the chest muscles guessing. Same thing with Biceps (EZ bar curl w/ preacher bench 1 week and then next time I hit bi's with alot of DB work).


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